News from the camp

Hail Cohort,

We faced a whirlwind of happenings the last few months, both positive and sometimes unexpected.

The Heroikos tour ended on a high note last July, as we were brought in as special guest by the Mighty WARLORD in Barcelona. A perfect closure that didn’t need an immediate follow up, although we wished to tour Europe this fall… Well, fate led us to a different path, and we are confident in our fate.

Throughout the Heroikos chapter we met and work with amazing people. From Rhino to the whole Warlord family, along with Blaze Bailey, Ripper Owens, Zak Stevens and several local promoters who are working their asses off to bring Metal to the Metalheads…That goes without saying that each and everyone of you, that support the scene, are the core of this journey. We will cherish forverer our common memories. The experience and feeling we got in return was so much worth it. Thank you all.

We believe there’s no coincidence if fate brought us to work today on Heroikos’s successor, rather than raising hell on the road. We are moving forward and ready to bring it on like never before ! Great things are looking ahead, we will keep you informed as soon as their turn official. For the sake of it.



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